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Stripping Pliers
With rotary cable strippers, preparation of cable is reduced to a single operation resulting in precise stripping in the dimensions matching exactly with the connector. The non-expensive stripping tools are pre-adjust...
Adviesprijs: € 46,99

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Stripping Pliers
The Pocket Installer is a perfect companion to go with a couple of Self-intall connectors for home installation. The pocket installer combines a RG59/RG6 cable stripper with mechanical stop for proper stripping length...
Adviesprijs: € 14,99

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Scotch duct tape 2000 50 mm 50 m zilver
Scotch single-sided adhesive vinyl duct tape.This tape with a structured (embossed) vinyl backing is a real allround tape. Can easily be teared by hand and removed with resudue. This tape can be used to seal against d...
Adviesprijs: € 16,99

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Loupelamp 1.75x EURO
Super bright 60 Ultra-efficient SMD LEDsEquipped with strong internal springs in the armCovered arm for full protectionLamp head with stainless steel ring for decorationIntegrated handle for easy positioningHeavy duty...
Adviesprijs: € 99,99

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Insulation-stripping pliers
Adviesprijs: € 38,99

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Service case for electronics
Service case with aluminium frame56-piece with removable toolboardLocka...
Adviesprijs: € 309,99

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