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Current loop calibrator
Handheld instrument for calibration, maintenance and repairs with high accuracy. Large wheel for easy one-hand manoeuvring and setting of parameters. Measures and powers a 4-20 mA current loop. Displays mA and % at th...
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Stroommeter Multifunktionel
Metal/voltage/beam detectorFor locating metal, voltage-carrying cables (AC voltage) and wooden beams, e.g. in walls.3 functions on one appliances, functions can be individually applied.Accurate display of the measurem...
Adviesprijs:  27,99

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Test Leads with Crocodile Clips,  4 mm Safety Type  4 mm PU=2
Test lead with crocodile clips at one end and 4 mm angled laboratory plug of safety type at the otherNOTE: Only the laboratory plug is of safety type, not the crocodile clipsSuitable for component test...
Adviesprijs:  7,49

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Electrical tester 1000 V
The electrical tester for all usesAutomatically measures AC and DC voltagesResistance testCurrent measurement with free-standing current forkSleep mode preserves batt...
Adviesprijs:  214,99

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