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ubc355 xlt Uniden-Bearcat scanner


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ubc355 xlt Uniden-Bearcat scanner
Scanner Base/Mobile, 300 Channels, 7 Pre-Programmed Service banks + Private Bank, Bank Scaning, Close Call, Band Search, Frequency Steps Auto – 5 – 6.25 – 8.33 – 10 – 12.5KHz, Turbo Search, Frequency Skip, Memory Lock.
Frequency Range 25-87MHz, 108-174MHz, 406-512MHz, 806-960MHz.
Designed and Engineered in Japan
Desktop/In-Car Unit: Compact unit ideal for the desktop or in-car mounting.
300 Channels: User can program total 300 channels Private, Emergency and Freenet banks have each 100 programmable channels.
7 Pre-Programmed Service Banks + Private Bank: Private, Emergency, Freenet, PMR, Aircraft, Marine, CB AM and amateur band.
Bank Scanning: Scan Banks individually or select your own combination.
Frequency Range: 25-87MHz, 108-174MHz, 406-512MHz, 806-960MHz.
Close Call(TM)RF Capture Technology: Allows you to immediately lock into nearby transmissions. If someone transmit nearby, the scanner immediately detects and tunes in to the transmission. Ideal for use at events when the frequency being used is unknown.
Frequency Steps: Auto 5 kHz, 6.25 kHz, 8.33 kHz(air band only), 10 KHz, 12.5 kHz.
Band Search: The scanner has 23 pre-set search bands. You can search any of these bands to find your desired frequency.

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